The Importance Of Sports In A Child’s Life

Physical fitness is something that has been given great importance since the very beginning of time. The phrase “health is wealth” was coined at a time when physical fitness and well being was of primary importance for people. In order to maintain pristine and top notch physical condition, it is said we must treat our bodies like a temple. We must not pollute them with toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and/or cigarettes. We must also strive to eat clean and maintain a nutrient rich diet that gives us the nourishment of all the vitamins and minerals needed for our body to thrive. Another necessity for our bodies to keep functioning properly is to engage in physical activity to prevent fatigue. The best way for one to do so is engage in as many sports as possible.

What is the importance of sports in a child’s life?

Adults often view their child engaging in any type of sport as nothing more than a fun activity,  a recreational one at best. However numerous studies have shown that kids who actively engage in sports have a higher chance of succeeding in life. This fact can be credited to multiple factors such as-

1. Playing sports helps keep a child fit and sharp. They prevent fatigue in a child and keep them active.

The Importance Of Sports In A Child’s Life

2. Engaging in sports, helps children lead a disciplined and scheduled life.

3. Any and all types of sports help a child maintain their physical health. They keep their Muscles healthy and make sure that they can stay fit and active for a long time.

4. Sports help increase the brain mass coordination in a person. They help improve the reflex actions of a child.

5. In its developmental stages, sports help increase the cognitive ability of a person also to a great extent.

How to encourage your child to play sports?

In India, a majority of population believes cricket, football and to a certain extent, basketball to be the primary sports that a child can participate in. However that is completely not true. In reality, a plethora of sports such as gymnastics, athletics, hockey, volleyball, badminton etc all have a thriving and growing industry in India. As a parent you must encourage your child to explore freely and try their hand at any and every thing they wish to see and try. It is always advisable to enroll your kid and make them a player of some sport from a young age itself. Since at a young age, they cannot make decisive choices, parents are always advised to be patient.

As parents, a child’s well being and care is their primary concern. Sports can definitely play a huge role in the development of a child. However parents must not be too hard on their kid and realise the difference between encouraging and unnecessarily pushing and forcing their child to do something they do not wish to. A child must be given the freedom to choose and make their decisions, with the help of their parents, whether it’s sports or life as a whole.

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