Ultimate Diet App For People With Eating Disorders

Ultimate Diet App For People With Eating Disorders

Did you find yourself becoming obsessed with numbers? Does your diet app do more harm than good? Some application users become too focused on weight tracking and calorie counting and have guilt and obsessive thoughts about consuming bad foods. These people want to reconsider whether it is a kind of food diary tracking is a good idea.

Have you noticed that the more people put negative labels on food, the more to crave more? The negative thoughts include obsessing over good with anxiety around social settings that involve food or feeling guilt from cheating on your diet. These can signal the start of eating disorders, which calorie tracker app singapore, a calorie-counting app.

Anyone having a history of eating disorders or obsessive exercise habits can use the calorie-counting app unless used under the guidance of a dietitian or a doctor. If someone in the family has struggled with an eating disorder, you may suggest using the calorie tracker app.

How does a calorie-counting app work?

The calorie-counting app can locate calorie information from the uploaded photo or food database to be scanned by the app, which allows one to log and track daily calorie consumption. The calorie tracking app creates a daily calorie consumption plan that is customized to your personal health goals and specific needs.

Calorie-counting apps track the number of calories consumed and the calories burned through physical activity. As a user, you must create a profile with your personal information. The app calculates the calories you take based on your personal information to figure out if you need enough calories or if you have taken more.

  • age
  • gender
  • weight
  • height
  • activity level

Goal setting

In the calorie-counting app, you must set specific goals based on what you wish to happen, whether:

  • losing weight
  • maintaining weight
  • gaining weight

Food logging

The core function of the calorie-tracker app is food logging. Input the food you eat along with the quantities so that the app scans the quantity and quality of food you are taking, particularly the calories it consists of.

Calorie calculation

The calorie-counting app calculates the total calories consumed based on the foods you have logged.

Exercise tracking

Use the calorie-counting app to log the physical activity and the calories burned, it starts to estimate how much calorie you have consumed and how much you have burned in a meal. The information calculates the calorie balance.

Other people consider this app as their buddy for their daily food intake and exercising plan, to balance these two factors.